So I'm 5'9" and 115 pounds. And i hate the way I look.

I just feel like no guy would ever want my body type. People offer consolation for heavier girls who think guys want model like bodies, saying that they want girls who look like women and are curvy.

Well, what if you're not curvy? I have no waist at all, it's a straight line down. Boobs? Barely there.

I mean, I'm sure there are some guys who like that but the majority of the population doesn't.
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Why do you want guys who only like you for your body? Those type of guys just use you. They sleep with you and then after that they don't care about you anymore because all they wanted was your body and they got that. See being skinny as more of a blessing than a curse because it will help filter out guys who will just use you for sex and the guys who are into you more likely it's because they care about you more as a person.

Guys can be jerks about that stuff have u ever kissed a girl