This started when I was really young about 19 years old or so. I would flash people downtown, in a car, whenever I was. I never stopped, nor was I arrested. My first time was neat, I rode the bus to a friends house that was out in the boonlands and decided to unbutton my shirt and remove my bra and left the shirt wide open.
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Appreciate an add and very nice story

You know its so natural dear, naked is true , dress is lie,
Try to show your naked body to little boys and girls it will give you a heart turn babe.

Do you still do things like that... do you go braless?

You should have left the bra on the bus!

I have done that in the past, with my panties.

I have a Fb that does that regularly... we buy cheap panties solely for that purpose!

Sounds so sexy. I love being nude.

My FB is an exhibitionist too!
NEVER wears a bra or panties unless its to lose
When she sits on a wooden stool her labia rings always clunk!

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I always find a woman can get away with far more than a guy.