Living Nude In Group

I am a nudist since I was 13. initially it was discreet, but later one of my cousins (a girl of my age) too became a nudist. We ofter found opportunity yo take off clothes and enjoy nudity. With the passage of time I found it disgusting to alone or in company of my cousin (Greeta). We wanted some adventure. Once we were swimming totally naked in our house pool not aware that Frank, my neighbor of about 15/16 was standing in his window, looking at us. when we saw him, he waved. We responded. He expressed his desire in no noise to join us. We thought a few seconds and then allowed him. Next moment he was with us. He took off his clothes hesitantly and jumped into pool. Soon we were friends. Once out of pool, we saw his erect c**k. which he was unsuccessfully trying to hide. We did not want to embarrass him, so told to be comfortable (incidentally it was my first experience to see boy's c**k before me, though I had seen many a times in pictures),
We three very often would gather in nude and chat lively. After about a month or so he told us that his sister also wanted to join us. it was a pleasure. Now we were four. Our nudity was refreshing.
Now I am married. Luckily my husband also loves nude living. We have a circle of like-minded couples and gather once a month to enjoy nudity. All of us take off clothes, play games (if outside at a secluded place, running and walking also in nude). Sometimes we go to nude beach and enjoy a lot. We have also stayed nude for many days at a stretch in a nude camping site. We all are very happy.
I must say that nude living, that too in a group, has brought a tremendous effect on my life. (When you are nude in a group, you cannot avoid discussing sex experiences which opens new vistas of sexual life. Of course sex with others cannot be excluded, but all know, and no body cares. ) Lolita, age 28, presently working in a an organization which works for the liberation (physical, sexual and mental) of women.
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I grew up in a clothing opp home with a sister 1 year older than myself, we were aloud to be naked from toddlers on. We shared the shower when gettng ready for school, nudity around our house was no big deal.