Why Nudity Works For Me

years ago, my mother and her second husband and some other folks went camping in the summer in northern california. it was hot!!! i remember that it was so hot that i could not sleep.I went to where the adults were and said i couldnt sleep. i think at this point my mom was tired of my interrupting and she told me to take off all my clothes and try to sleep.I did and it was so comfortable that i can not sleep to this day unless i am naked.now i try to be naked at all times(when i wont get arrested). nudity is freedom anf i love it!!!!

mefrogman mefrogman
3 Responses Mar 17, 2011

I seem to hate clothes more all the time. I could not sleep in clothes for the love of money! Clothes only are good for one thing, protection. Protection from what I am even unsure at times! Most people don't understand how someone would just like to go free. "To feel the sun what a thing to believe, but it's all around if we could yet perceive".

I enjoyed reading your story, mefrogman! It was very well written, and I am in full agreement!<br />
<br />
Also, Uriel1952: I too am hoping for a day that we can have that freedom!

Loved your story, being naked particularly in nature, theres nothing like it. The only thing that would have been better would have been if your parents would have let you stay nude on your campout. I think that would have been a great experience but at lt sound like at least your mom showed you some mercy by letting you sleep nude.<br />
I know what you mean about sleeping au natural, I've done it every nite since I was a little kid, wouldn't consider any other way. As for living your life naked....well we all know how that goes, ah maybe someday we can all hope for that freedom! Thanks Uriel