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How It All Began

Back in the sixties i spent every summer at my grandparents cabin by the sea together with my cousins. Our parents came and went pending their work. However there where always at least one parent present at all times. There where several cabins in the area so we had several friends our age. What I do remember is that we never had any swim suits. We had short trousers, some of the girls had a skirt and we didnt use any panties. When we went swimming we took off the little we had and skinny dipped. So we had great summers exploring the area with minimal or no clothes a bunch of kids together ranging  5 to 12 years old about. The issue of nakedness or covering up was not existing even with my grandparents that was church going people. No secrets around and lots of possibilities to take a look at each others sex. Around the cabin  when tanning or out on the nearby islands even the grown ups of the family went nude to get that all over tan, that they concidered healthy. they didnt concider themselves nudist or naturist just people beeing comfortable without clothes together. Fantastic summers. I still enjoy time naked at this cabin. However now it is outside the season and far to cold to go there without any clothes. Looking fwd to the warm time of the year.
niceskip niceskip 46-50, M May 7, 2012

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