Family History??

I always thought that having been bought up in a very nakedy family that this was the main reason for being a nudist, but after this incident with my brother I am wondering if it is just something that people enjoy irrespective of their background.

My brother, sister and myself were often nude over summer. We had a pool in the back yard and with our parents would swim and laze around naked. We were open about nudity and in hot weather spend a lot of time naked. You would think my brother would be like me and be a keen nudist. Not so

Our family including my wife, my parents and his wife were staying at a hotel a few weeks ago. It had swimming pool, gym, sauna etc.all in separate facilities for both sexes. After a swim I went into the sauna and was sitting in there naked with one other man when my brother burst in board shorts on. He looked at both of us and before I could invite him to sit down he took off. Later on we heard he had been embarrassed because we were nude.

I could not help thinking back to our younger days when we would spend hours nude and not even notice.

So my conclusion to all this is that nudity is a personal thing that you enjoy and not a habit or something you are bought up doing so to speak. Or it might have something to do with his conservative wife who is generally a pain in the arse.
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I wish I had been brought up a nudist but just happy I'm there now.

Similar here.<br />
Brought up in a natrist family - and now my wife and kids are happy as naturists....but my own brother and his family are 100% against it. <br />
Almost overly prudish in their household.....<br />
caused a few problems when visiting....but each family makes and lives with its own choices.