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Party Time...

Labor day weekend, my club put together a "Murder Mystery" party. If you're not sure of what this is (I wasn't), It's where all the guests at the party play as characters in a scripted (slightly) situation. Each character gets some biography, and a list of objectives (i.e: info to share with other characters) to set the stage. Then, one of the characters is convieniently murdered... After the murder occurs, there is another set of objectives... basically each character pointing fingers at the others. Then, the person playing the character of the police officer/detective, lays out the "evidence". Based on what you've gathered from the other characters, and what you can derive from the evidence presented, you try to guess as to the identity of the killer.


As you can guess, the real fun is dressing up in costume and a little fantasy role playing (not THAT kind of role play...get your mind out of the gutter). It's interesting how nudists/naturists really come up with the most outlandish costumes, and all being close friends really enhances the role playing. We had twenty-four people at the party, all having a blast. Then came the really funny part...


Whilst in the middle of meandering about the pool area (this party was at a members house, in the back yard), everyone in "costume", doing thier best impromptu acting.... there comes the familiar sound of a leaf blower. Yes, the next door nieghbor picks that particular point in time to blow the leaves from his roof. Imagine the surprised look on his face when he glanced into the yard next door, and sees twenty-four mostly naked bodies socializing pool-side. After a brief hesitation (when he realized that the naked folk were staring back at him!), he quickly finished his work and dissapeared. We all had a great laugh and continued with our fun. I'm quite certain that he was more embarassed than any of us. I still haven't heard from our party host if thier neighbor has spoke to them since...


If you ever get the chance to participate in this type of party, I'd have to strongly recommend you try it. It is an awesome idea for a nude group. We're planning on making it an annual event for our club.

12BNude 12BNude 46-50, M 1 Response Sep 9, 2008

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Sounds like a LOT of fun!