Only For My Man

I am a naughty girl, but only for my man!  Yum!
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Yes SM. he is. :)

See? Jimmy is cool. He is nice.

LOL @ jimmy! Thank you! I'm happy you are enjoying it too. :P

Yep, a fortunate man indeed... but still, I'm glad that some of your delicious naughtiness trickles down onto the EP site as well, which makes us a bit fortunate too : )

LOL @ HStoner. :) Thank you sir! :)

Fortunate man.

thanks. I don't care anyways. I grow up in Canada. I'm a Canadian. Sometimes people are too damn ridged. Blah Blah.. <br />
<br />
Beside I love living in Canada. I don't like living in China. Too polluted.

I'm sorry girl you are upset. I know this situation got to you. You are only human. Maybe he does have problem and it isn't his fault, it is about his upbringing and maybe he too, is suffering deep down, who know's. I think it is weird for his mom to dress him as a girl while growing up since he's a guy but to each there own. I'm sorry you had to go through this SM. You deserve the very best.

Yes. I know wrote stories about it. Still gets to me. I don't hate him. He has problem. When he was growing up. His mother dressed him like a girl. ****? He is a dude. Weird family.

Don't worry about it SM. You needed to let it out and you did and I'm sure you feel somewhat better since it all came out. Hugs girl

SM: Okay!<br />
<br />
LOL @ SM. She may have one or a few, lol or maybe she's the other 1% that doesn't own one, lol. ;)<br />
<br />
Nice men still exist and are out there, the thing is too find them that is the hard part.

Sorry. If I sounds pissed off. You are talking about you have a naughty side. Here I'm ******* off. God I'm so pathetic right now to for being all angry.

giggles. I wonder if Neve has one. I think she might have. You said that 98% of people have sex toys. damn. I'm the 2 % doesn't. giggles. <br />
<br />
Nice men is hard to come by now. They are taken.

He did go back and he came back to get his Canadian Citizenship.

A red or blue d.i.l.d.o. seems cool too. lol. I like, pink, purple or see through.

Sorry SM about your pain and what you had to endure with your ex-husband. No one deserves being bullied even by there partners. Love doesn't work this way! You don't need being submissive if this isn't you. I thought, he went back to China...He's in Vancouver. I know you both don't get along but the child has nothing to do with any of it and she both can see you and her dad. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. You are a nice woman and you deserve a nice man who will love you and understand you. All the best to you girl!

I like a red one or blue one. Nah..

Oh well. Our personalities are very different. He is bully too. He want me to listen to him even if he is wrong. I think he wants me to a submissive wife or something. Hell no. I will not listen to a man if wrong or that man treat me like crap. I will not be a submissive wife. He wants someone like his mommy. I'm not going to mother him. He is 36 years old. He needs to take ******* responsibility. I'm glad that we are separated. My poor little girl has a father like that. Of course he loves her but he is cheap ***. Not paying child support. He is living in Vancouver in a ba<x>sement suite. It's only 900 square feet. Damn.. small.

SM: Sorry about the seperation.<br />
<br />
I think 98% of women have sexual toys. Sure, sexual toys can feel good and a release feeling and for me it will never replace a man or a man's meat, lol. <br />
<br />
I wouldn't mind a purple *****, lol. ;P

We have condoms.. giggles.

Nope not anymore. I think is now a maybe or you are not telling. So I will leave it at that. <br />
<br />
Nope. I don't own any sexual tools or toys. I was tempted to buy one in China. I was with the guy I married and now we are separated.

SM: Are you sure it is a yes? LOL ... Do you own any sexual toys? lol

I guess I take that is a yes.

LOL @ SM. :)

Of course. Do you use sex tools? giggles.

malllady: It is! :)

Isnt that fun!