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Very Naughty

I've been known to wear thin t-shirts without a bra on hot days, sheer blouses with very sexy bras any old time, to bend over in short skirts - just to give any young men in my vicinity hard-ons. I like that. It makes me feel powerful to know I can do that. I flirt outrageously with any male I know to be attracted to me, too, just to get a "rise" out of him. I've even tried to get into situations where they could watch me undress. This often leads to other more intimate behaviors - if they're man enough to take the initiative.

juicylucybelle juicylucybelle 36-40, F 15 Responses Jul 29, 2008

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Thank you, sweetie; we intensely horny
men appreciate it! :) ;)

I like it when women tease me. would like to watch you undress... hey, even better to see you undress without you knowing. would that turn you on?

Where do you live? :) My bride is the same way she wears thin T's and dresses with no panties. We lived as nudists untill our daughter and son decided that they wanted us to cover up a little more cause they never knew when a friend would pop over. Our son saw his mom naked untill he was 17 and it did not hurt him one bit an honor roll student National honor Sociaty, Varsity Cross Country runner and Track, and won the most prestigeous award our state offers a senior. A soldier in the Iowa National Guard, Goes to collage full time works at Best buy full time our daughter equaled her brother also a soldier also a collage student also works same as her brother. Our daughter her boyfriend and son all share an apartment togather they are very close. No not sexualy. The point of this is nudity is nudity it is NOT sex.They understood that from babies to today.

Where do you live? You remind me of my wife she too wears very thin Ts and the like we are swingers on Playmates4two check us out.

play with me dear chat chat

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Just the thought of that starts a response. Mature and experienced is very alluring. Sometimes an erotic session is just what is needed. You sound very desirable. Respectfully of course.

mm sounds interesting

I'm sure you've given a lot of older men hard- ons too. I know you've just given me a very hard one. I'd love to return the favor by getting you so hot and wet that your legs would be shaking. Thank you lovely lady and my best wishes to you.

I am obsessed with flashers. One time a girl lifted her dress to show her tan. I got an erection and told her "whae a nice ***! You realy surprised me." I can see you know hot you are. She was under age but she always made me horny.<br />
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333<br />

Mmmmm -- I love naughty girls! ... Love to play with naughty girls ... 8-)P

juicylucybelle be careful there are a lot of unstable people out there and i wouldn't want to see your face on a milk cartoon

braless during summer is a must does not make you naughty

You can flirt with me anytime!

The world needs more women like you