Secret Fun

I guess I should start with some background information.  I am a 22 year old college student.  I am bi.  I live in a dorm suite.  It has two triple rooms, a bathroom and a common room.  This means that I have two roomies and three suite mates.  Now for the fun stuff.

Last night I was super horny and chatting with a guy on the interwebs he was helping but at the same time getting me hornier.  After a while I looked up and realized that it was getting late.  It was about 11:30 by this point.  My roomies were both heading to bed so I said good night to the guy I was chatting with and hopped into bed myself.  I imediately pulled up the covers so that the only thing visible was my head.  I then proceeded to remove my pj bottoms and my boyshort undies.  The minute they were off I began fingering quite intensely.  I was totally being rather loud inside my head.  It was real hard not to voice the loudness.  I eventually finished myself off and put my undies back on.  I decided to take my pj top off and put my bra back on.  I ended up sleeping in just my bra and undies.  It was about 12:30 by the time I actually fell asleep.  I have no idea if the roomies figured out what I was doing but I honestly don't even care.

I rcently met this really cool bi girl at school and I totally have a crush on her.  I haven't told her.  Anyway, last night after my fun when I fell asleep I had the best dream.  I dreamed that we totally had a very intense naked makeout followed by a very intense 69.  It's only too bad that my dream will never become a reality.

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Bring him into your relationship with your girlfriend

Very hot.

I have a boyfriend.