All That Glisters

Last night, I went to a cocktail party in aid of charity. When I was getting ready, I had the sudden urge to paint my nipples with gold body paint. I was wearing a tailored jacket with nothing under it, over a mid-thigh length black pencil skirt and black, spider-web stockings, all finished off with nice jewelry (including some that couldn't be seen!). I amused myself all evening watching people trying to see inside my top without getting caught staring! Only my escort got to glimpse the twinkle of gold from time to time.
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6 Responses May 12, 2012

I think I'd have just admired the tailored jacket with nothing under it, a mid-thigh length black pencil skirt and black and spider-web stockings. I love this type of outfit - very very sexy x

Hidden gold above & below the belt eh!

Agree with PSC - very sexy but at the same time very classy! And your escort must have had a WONDERFUL evening! :)

Yes, we had a great evening... and for me, subtlty is everything

subtlety is everything - because that's the classy part! I think a woman who can be classy at the same time she's being quite sexy, ends up being even MORE sexy, at least to me. Brazen, in-your-face slutty/sexy is relatively easy - classy/sexy takes a lot more intelligence and elegance to pull off well!

So did your escort unbutton that jacket on the way home ?

Think I unbuttoned it, actually. It's possible to do that without revealing everything but it adds a bit of extra spice

A sparklIng event cx

Wow sounds like you were sparkle was getting you a lot of attention!