Hot Springs Part II

I remained perfectly motionless, except for my manly arousal. They embraced tightly, kissing tenderly as his right hand felt between her legs. Then he left.

I closed my eyes, as she approached me / thinking I was still asleep. With the cool night mountain air, I was under heavy covers, and slightly laying on my side. She kissed my lips, as my nostrils could smell the man juice on her breath. Pulling the covers to side, she saw my very erect penis, but toward mornings I am usually that way. With my eyes still closed, she crawled under the covers beside me, her head on my chest as her womanness with whispering silkyness against my left leg.

So many thoughts raced through my mind, as I physically felt, the erotic beauty. Wetness dripped from her against and all over my leg. She took her hand and wiped some off, then to her lips, then to my lips. My penis throbbed with arousal. I felt her feel her womanness, then to my penis she spread his man seed all over my towering penis.

At this point she might have thought that I was dreaming, and such a wonderful dream. I could hear her heart beat quicken with her excitement, as she moved lower, as her tongue went down my stomach to my manhood. My eyes slightly opened, as her mouth engulfed my penis head. I could see her seed  matted black hair. So many thoughts of my babe being so well loved and made love to
by such a good stud that he shot his seed all over her. I acted as I was still half sleeping in a dream and rolled on my back. She kinda got on her knees as she tongued the complete length of my shaft to my balls, as more of his seed was dripping from her onto my legs.

If she only knew, how much I loved her for sharing all with me, but how could I not act like I was sleeping? My nostrils came alive as I smelled so much of his seed all over her. She whispered " Oh babe he bred me so good for you"

part III to follow
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May 20, 2012