Naughty Nudist (more A Rant Than A Story!)

Yes Yes and Yes to your questions Mandy Candy. My nudist beach used to be a feast of sexuality. It roughly got divided up into a family area (for that read older couples who like to lie in the sun all day), an adult couple area with younger couples, and a gay couple area for (mostly) gay men. I have to say that the gay and couples area were definitely the most interesting. Both the best bodies, and for an occasional voyeur like me, erections, furtive ************, and couples walking off into the sanddunes for a bit of relief, was the norm. Off the main track I used to get offered ********, and propositioned regularly (although I am not gay but I have to say more than slightly curious!). Part of the fun was to abadon your clothes somewhere and walk naked and unencumered through nudist and non nudist areas, not trying to expose yourself to children or women, keeping generally out of sight. Many a time I walked through a long track in the dunes enjoying the sensation of the sun on my back and wind in my hair with a growing erection, and I used to both enjoy and encourage this.
I have to say that I would mostly meet men. Few women would start walking around freely naked which was a shame.
Unfortunately this actiivty was not approved of, and even the local naturist group took steps to stop it, even employing a sham police presence to identify and stop anything erotic.
Like you I find it hard to understand why. I get erections at work, but these are covered by my clothes (except for one embarassing moment which I wont go into here!), so no one really notices. Why if I get erections on a nudist beach without the clothes to cover me is this suddely perverted and has me run the risk of being arrested and labelled a sex offender? I love nudity. I love to be nude, and sometimes on a nudist beach on a busy hot day, surrounded by naked bodies of every conceivable shape and size, I think I'm in heaven. It's an erotic sensual, social experience and I never want it to stop being that way.
(End of Rant!)
Summerman Summerman
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I agree with you --- erections are "normal" and "healthy" and should not, in themselves, be reason to be eliminated from a nudist situation.
Thanks for sharing your "rant"!!
Naked Sissy Stephie

wow loved your rant !! do more of them ! i like your honesty on how you feel, thats a bit of a turn on for me. i would love to do a naturist beach walk with you ; ) <br />
i so would love to see you have an erection and hope me being naked with you would be a starter for you. we must chat more

I'm in full agreement with you, Summerman. I love that nude feeling, and the joy of open, unfettered sexuality, even if people were a little embarrassed by being seen in the throes of love-making. However, the wowsers are alive and well, and trying to cramp our style every way they can. I'm very fortunate in having 6 kms of Federal (military) land for our nude beach, with no houses, no police, no restrictions, and rampant sexuality on tap for anyone who wants to seek it out.

Thanks bigwillie! There are too few of them, and they seem to be becoming (in the UK at least) less tolerated. I think Spain and France are more liberal and seem to have more nudist areas. But its a long way to go to get your kit off!