Fun After A Naturist Volleyball Game...

We have been playing naked volleyball quite often in naturist resorts, with families and couples and nothing sexual has ever happened then. But some time ago we were invited by a couple we had met at a naturist campsite to an evening with their adult nudist group, playing indoor volleyball. It was in rather large sports hall, rented privately and it was remarkably late in the evening. Of course, all participants were fully nude and it was also a rule to play barefoot. There were about six souples and a few single men present. We already noticed a slightly erotic atmosphere during the game, although the volleyball was of a considerably good level. But people touched themselves and others quite often, including all body parts and made sexy remarks to each other. There also was hardly any one with pubic hair, though is a really quite common at any naturist event nowadays and we are fully smooth also. When the game was over, it did not take too long actually, the couple that had invited us approached us to tell that we were alo invited to the traditional shower party... "We actually are a bit naughty naturists and we have the impression you also are". They had observed us during some rather public display of affection at the campsite, they told. We had no problem with a shower party and agreed to join them but could hardly imagine what it meant. It turned out to be an amazing event, the players were not only quite helpful in cleaning each other's bodies but it went much further. The mutual cleaning of each other, mainly by the opposites sexes did have the expected effects. All men got erect penises quickly, a lot of oral sex followed and it all resulted is a typical group sex session when a bag of condoms was presented. We also had intercourse with several other couples... It was great fun, we must admit. The evenings did not continue when a few weeks later it became evident that "orgies are taking place in the sports hall", as it was stated in a local newspaper. For us it was wonderful experience demonstrating the fully natural sexual aspects of naturist fun.
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Oh no! too bad. Yes, the cleaning and grooming of others, those you are close to, plays a big role in our sex life, too. We love to give each other grooming in front of others, especially when it excites them, too! And the sex that follows is well, fantastic!!!

What a pity that the newspaper should force it to end - the media is so corrupt and small minded

One thing I love is being fully smooth, with others who are not.... I've pretty much been utterly smooth my whole life, and I love it. I especially love others who are not, and seem obsessed with me because I am -- especially men. I just love it. Now, if I could only play volleyball better....

That game sounded like it was a blast. I wish I was there. Nice story.

i suppose such activities hardly happen around here! would have loved to join in!

<p>&nbsp;<p>Sex is natural! It's not nasty. Every living thing got here by sex. Most likely my parents were naked when I was conceived. Mom might have been bent over a chair instead of in the missionary position when my younger brother was made. Maybe naturist should refer to people like you and nudist to the anti-sex naked crowd.</p><p>It was a private adult only event. Consensual sex (doing and looking) was part of the event. The real problem was an outsider put it in the news.</p><p>I'm a partially open minded, monogamous textile.</p><p></p>

Well put and as as expected we are such sexual creatures... nudity only enhances it more... so even with the most natural attitude there is always the everpresent arousal when looking at other nude bodies... so fun...

wow, would I love to find a resort like that for my wife and I. Sounds like a lot of fun!

I llove volleyball. Have you re scheduled the games? Let me know!

You are fortunate to have had that experience. I am envious.

what a way to exercise, must be hard picking teammates

No more questions for the moment i am erect now!

Has anyone ever had a release of any nature while playing the gamr?

Naturists including naughty naturists always are very well toilet trained, if that's what you mean. *********** does not occur, as explained by your former question, since men should be erect before.

Are you ever erect while playing?

Only initially some men are a little stiff, actually during naked volleyball you still must concentrate on playing the game, sometimes you even forget for a while that everyone is fully nude including yourself. But it's always a pleasure when you then realize again this unique and sensual state of being without any clothes. Sexual tension is being built up and this may help to have the fun as we experienced...

Did your pole move about with your movements?

The swinging movement of penises and breasts is typical of naked volleyball and surely part of the attraction of this very popular game among naturists. In addition, you cannot hide any part because you need your arms for playing and you are frontally opposed to the other players while stretching and jumping. It is actually a sensual game though not all naturists would admit. There is an EP group on naked volleyball also.