The Naughty Naturist, Ms Lefleur!

Wow, this woman is my hero! What kind of courage does it take to go shopping in the nude? - in TWO different stores, no less!!

Step on up, Ms LeFleur, for the cheeky Naturist Award for this year!!
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

I guess the moral of that story is don't go nude in public in New York. It's ashame.

The story is being reported in most newspapers around the world - but I posted the link to the London Daily Mail story, because it contains actual unedited footage from the lumber stores security camera. <br />
In every story posted in the U.S. newspapers, Ms LeFleurs "naughty bits" are pixelated out - thus proving that America is the most news-censored nation in the world, and the most uptight about simple nudity.<br />
WTF is wrong with looking at a naked woman - and a pretty good-looking one at that?? <br />
The imbeciles in charge of the asylum obviously deem that Americans are so appalled by nudity, that they will suffer brain damage and seared eyes just by looking at pictures of someone naked. <br />
I reckon I've suffered brain damage and seared eyeballs, by having to look at some of the people pictured in Wal-Mart, with their clothes on!! LOL