A Naughty, Naughty Girl Dedicated to Ward ;)

Second time writing this, forgot to log in the first time, grrrrrrrr!! Poor Ward is probably sitting SOMEWHERE going, yha AlwaysRemembers, tease me why don't ya!!

SO, one more time, lol.

OK, well there was one man i dated for 5 years, lets call him *Trevor* his REAL name, haha. Well Trevor and mine relationship was largely based on sex, sex and more sex!! After a few years of *normal* sex we started to experiment, and if you haven't i highly suggest you do, after all you only live ONCE!! One very minor thing he did, which at the time we thought laughingly, was really going on the edge, he blind folded me and shaved my *****. OK, well you really have to trust a guy to let them do that, especially the first time. Yes in the grand scheme of things we later discovered what we than thought was OUTRAGEOUS sexual exploits, was nothing in comparison to things we would later do, hehe.

Well it was a beautiful Winter weekend, and he asked me to go to his parent's ski chalet. Well that was normal, in the winter we skied and in the summer, our parent's cottages were 30 minutes away, so we would typically go to the cottage that didn't have parents their for the weekend.

So Trevor picked me up and as usual i was scantily dressed. hmmm perhaps he was a bit dominant and i was a bit submissive, but at that time we had no idea about the D/s life style we never used those labels, later that would change. So scantily dressed meant, even though it was winter, i wore high heels, no panties, no bra, a skirt for easy access and a somewhat see through top. I wore this for him as it made him happy and really i could have cared less what i wore, after all the car was HEATED.

So our long drive to Collingwood began late in the evening, which was par for the course, for a few reasons. Once we got on the road, i gave him one or two blow jobs while he was driving. Dangerous, perhaps, but like most men, when having a blow job they CAN do 2 things at once, but careful people, watch those teeth!! hehe

After our blow jobs, what next happened was also quite typical when we drove at night. I would decline the chair, and OOOPS i was NUDE, now how the hell did that happen? Trevor would than choose the cars that he would drive beside, usually trucks and because it was so late children IF they were around, were sleeping. Anyway time would go by with him exposing me to whomever he chose and rarely were both hands on the wheel. Often i was being fingered while we drove. Trevor, about an hour away from the cabin, stopped his car, and poured me a LARGE glass of red wine. NOW that NEVER happened, but i wasn't driving, so i laid back nude, sipping the red wine occasionally while Trevor played and fingered me.

10 minutes away from the cabin, i had finished the wine, and re-dressed, i'd hate for someone to think i was an exhibitionist. So i cleaned up and when we arrived at the cabin, lights we already on, hmmmm a bit unusual, oh well. We walked in and to my surprise were five of Trevor's friends, or should i say puppies, as they saw him as a demi-god and did whatever he said. Yes it was becoming clear that Trevor was in fact a Dom in MANY ways. Now i knew all these guys as well, so i thought GREAT we are going to have a BLAST of a weekend, well shortly we would all learn just what a BLAST was!!

Two of the guys got off the couch so that Trevor and I could sit together. Trevor poured me another glass of wine and one for himself. He sat down and i cuddled beside him. Well we were all enjoying a few beverages and chit chat, when Trevor suggested that i lie down on my back and relax, so happily i did. Before i knew it i felt his hands slip off my skirt, and my bare ***** there in plain sight for all of his puppies to see. Well to this day i still don't know if the guys knew what was going to happen but i actually think they didn't, but like me they knew with Trevor ANYTHING could happen. And well lets just say it did.

So now laying half naked with him, and his 5 friends watching (one who was still a virgin) Trevor told me to remove my top, which i happily did, i was now in my on little world enjoying the anticipation of what was going to happen next. I laid back, eyes shut, completely nude with Trevor playing with my body and continuing his conversation with the guys like nothing had just happened. All of them heard from me, were moans of pleasure, while i was dripping wet and nipples erect. Trevor spoke to the guys and said *here are the rules* Well of course my ears perked up as i too was curious about the *rules*. He announced that each of them had 30 minutes with me, in front of the group, to do anything they wanted BUT kiss my mouth and penile penetration. Everything was to be done in front of everyone else. i can only imagine what the virgin of the group was thinking, lol.

So each five guys took their 30mins. one by one, remembering the 2 rules. Well women, talk about receiving a lot of oral sex, yummmmm. OH and my rules were no spoken words and no *******. Almost all five guys finished off by exploding on me and after they did, Trevor would massage their *** into my skin. I was SOAKING to the point that a towel had to be placed under me, so as not to stain the couch. Each guy enjoyed giving me oral sex, fingering me, playing with my breasts and pinching my nipples since they were so erect. And i would moan and groan, and move my body to get the MOST possible pleasure realizing at the same time that i was not allowed to ***. NOW that is torture, but the kind of torture i can handle. One guy grabbed a cold cucumber from the refrigerator and penetrated me with that, some used whip cream on specific parts of my body and enjoyed licking and sucking it off. ALL of them fingered me, three fingers was the most one guy tried, but while fingering me some would go s l o w and gentle while others went HARD and fast. All of them finished by ******* on me.

So they all took their turn, well obviously Trevor wasn't going to allow it to stop there, once they were all sitting down again, Trevor flipped me onto my stomach, grabbed my *** to bring it up as high as possible, spreading my legs for full exposure. Grabbed my hair so my head tilted up put one hand on my back so i would arch it as much as possible. Once i was in position, he than took me doggie style in front of everyone, once he finished he flipped me back on to my back and took me again, this time he allowed me to *** .... THANK HEAVENS!! The guys were speechless and i could have cared less.

Once we were finished, he told me to clean off my face from the other guy's *** but told me that for the rest of the weekend i would not be allowed to shower, he wanted everyone that we would see over the weekend to know that i smelled of sex, once again i could have cared less. i washed my face, went back to the couch, none of the guys were saying anything, pulled the blanket over me, after all it was a bit cold, despite the fire, and again i cuddled into Trevor's arms. He looked like the chesaur (sp?) cat, and the guys looked like little boys who got their hands caught in the cookie jar. It was hilarious, i was the one totally exposed, and they were the ones who had no clue as to what to say!! So i looked at them all, as if nothing had just occurred and said *Who's skiing tomorrow?* Now that they realized that i wasn't upset, they all started to relax, yet none of them could actually look me in my face.

I'm sure they were wondering what else might occur over the weekend, but i knew that would be it, as Trevor would decide who, what, when etc.... and i knew that even though he had planned EVERYTHING, he was also someone who would only share so much.

Well the guys had a very awkward weekend and Trevor and i continued to have a BLAST!! D/s? anyone? More to *** at a later date!! p.s. Ward i hope you enjoyed this adventure


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who is Ward?

Wow! What a hot story! Thanks for sharing it!

I just love the way you write, it is a pleasure to read :-)

Quite a sexual adventure. And you say you can top this story with others? Well let 'er rip and keep 'em coming!

What a fun change. kudos!<br />

Excellent story...tops any experience I would have imagined having with a woman..."Cheshire", by the way...I'd be grinning just the same, I think. You're a pure sub, through and through...

A fantastic experience, wow.

LOL, 2 guys have asked me if this is a true story, so all of you know YES IT IS MY STORY and it is ALL TRUE. It may seem very inconsistent with the other stories i have shared, but NOT all of my life has been one miserable thing after another, and quite frankly i LOVE sex. This is quite timid in comparison to some others i will post. But trust me it's TRUE, i have no need to lie about anything. More to c u m at a later date. Have FUN everyone!!

Now that sounds like a fun time!