Wife Did Not Realize That She Was A Naughty Nudist

Hope this one doesn't get lost - I submitted long story about how she became nudist and  she enjoyed it. 

So will make this shorter.  We had been go an annr nudist resort in Florida a few times and she was really beginning to enjoy it.  But she was adamant against sharing with others our passion when we were naked - at least verbally. One time at Cypress Cove on the 2nd floor I purposely left the curtain s open as wwe walked around the room. She had to to realize it.  We laid on the bed naked caressing one another when the people in the next apartment came up on the balcony talking. I realzed, and my wife surely realized that they were outside our window.  I saw that they were glancing in the room and I kn0ow my wife did also.   She, nude as I, was clearly visible as the light was on and the curtains op3n.  we had a  most sexxual F... as they watched.  It made us both have quicic and full climaxesw.

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Wish I had your suggestion at the time. She probably would have smiled at them or at least walked around to room in her still aroused conditiion.<br />
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Always an 'innocent' thrill in watching and being watched. Maybe a bit difficult to turn to your watchers and smile after reaching and passing over that sexual summit, but it may have resulted in an invitation for you two to 'window shop' at their room. Difficult to be bold that first time, probably better to snuggle as you both recovered, each of you relishing the thought that there are actually four happy people who enjoyed your coupling. In any case, sounds like a good first step!