Hello Everyone (my Story)

Hey everyone,

    I'm no stranger to ep...first found this website when my boyfriend(now fiancee) left for boot camp. This website pretty much single handily helped me through those two hard months lol....anyways after Cory graduated I stopped getting on here as much, and then at all because I had him to talk to again (have talked everyday since he graduated Feb. 5th and so thankful of that!) but now that he has asked me to marry him I have so many questions running through my head and I couldn't think of a better place to come for advice/support/help then here! So I'm just gonna start off bye listing a few Q's...

1. Has anyone been through the paperwork process yet? What all goes with that?

2. Anyone plan on or already moved with their sailor, will I qualify for them to pay for our move?
    (he is still in a school, witch is close to where i am now so I don't plan on moving with him til he goes to c school, wherever that may be)

3. I've heard it's better to get married before he graduates a school is this true?

4. We are planning on just having a courthouse wedding at first to get everything rolling then having a real wedding ceremony later on, has anyone else done this?

5. I have a daughter that is not biologically his, will she be covered by his insurance after we get married or will he have to adopt her?

If anyone can help with any of these questions that would be really great and helpful, thank you! Oh and feel free to ask me anything to :)
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