The Beginning...

I am new to this site, but my fiancee has been gone for exactly a week now and I'm kinda a disaster. I'm not even one to cry easily, but I think I've cried just about everyday since he's been gone. He is in boot camp in the Great Lakes right now and I'm going to college in August. Hopefully when I start school I'll be able to get through this easier. Before he left, we spent the whole summer together talking about how this was the time where we needed to focus on making it possible for us to live the lives we want to live together and it seemed a lot easier talking about it then. But now it's actually going into effect. He's going to do his active for 4 years and I'm going to get my BSN, which will take me 4 years. My friends tell me I shouldn't plan out my whole life and rush through college like I want to, but they just don't understand and I get tired of them telling me what I should do (especially since I can't complain about them to Brandon!). If everything works out according to plan it would just be wonderful. I am worried, but I'm mostly confident in our relationship and our plan. Hopefully it stays on track.
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Omg my fiance is in great lakes and left july 22 what division is he in maybe they know each other that would be awesome. Stay strong you can make it