Leave Out The Leave

For those of you who live cross country from your sailor, do you ever have those days near his leave to come back where your just completely against it. Sometimes I feel like its so painful and such a tease of what we used to have that I dont want leave to happen and for the reality of not seeing him to keep on till there are no goodbyes and its not just seeing him but officially having him without bound. I dont know how to get past this cuz I have 5 more long years ahead of me just like this but longer times in between visits from here on out. I especially feel this way after 4 months of what feels like low key and unintentional, emotional abuse.
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

must be very hard on you and emotionally draining,,

are you a military s/o?

a marine thats out of the service now

oh ok cool, were you together while he was in? It definitely not easy stuff! This is my first whole year of it.

i am sure your lonely and frustrated,,,,and from what I have reading ,he is not staying in proper communication with you,,that makes it even tougher,and when he is out with guys,,you wonder what he is doing,,

Not so much lonely but yes frustrated for absolute sure!

yes I know how that frustration can feel,, it really sucks

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