Clashed Military Lives

I have known my fiance for a long time and we just got together a year ago. But when he left for boot camp we kinda faded away. I ended up joining that Marines to get away from an abusive "boyfriend" as we can say... and I kinda forgot about him. But this Nov. he called me out of the blue and told me he had been at his first command for 6 months and he was coming home for Christmas. Of course i was excited.....but i didnt know how to handle this. We talked for hours, but again we stopped and never talked again. And again i forgot about him. But one night as I was taking out the trash there was a truck parked infront of my house with a tall cowboy with his hat tipped leaning up against it. I ran striaght into his arms. The entire xmas break we were unsepartable. Soon we had to take him to the airport to go back to FL....recently i went down there to visit him. and when he was walking on the beach with me he asked me to marry him. Of course i said yes. but there was our military issue, Id be away from him for over 1 1/2 yrs when i went into i did what i thought was best....i dropped the military in my favor. Now i am stuck as a finsihing Highschool student, no job, ex boyfriend trying to tell me how stupid i am, and the love of my life clear across the country....i am lost and confused and i need some serious advice

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The other ladies are correct. First you need to stop talking to your ex, that will only cause you a lot of heartache. And it could cost you the one that you really want to be with. <br />
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Second get your diploma or you GED. That will help your situation a lot.<br />
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And finally you don't have to give up on the military. Both my boyfriend in are in the Navy. I know you said you were going Marine, but its not that much of a difference. Navy and Marines work hand in hand. Marines are part of the Navy. If you really want to go into the military then go in. It will be hard at first yes, you can't give up on what you were going to do because of a guy. I know you love him, but he shouldn't be the reason you give up on it. My boyfriend knows that as much as I love him I won't leave the Navy for him. Keep your head high. And if you want to go into the Marines then do that.

Number one: Quit talking to your ex, girl! Get away from that right now! You got away from him, now drop his ignorant face like a hot potato! Backbone, doll! <br />
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Next: Finish that high school diploma or get your GED. You can't get anywhere without those. You can go to an adult education center and finish up. <br />
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Once you've completed steps one and two, move on. Figure out how you two could work out. Find out where his duty station will be and see if you can find a junoir college over there and get back to school. You need at least an AA, otherwise you could always just leech off your boyfriend (husband if ya'll get married) but where's the pride in that? <br />
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Mostly, you need to have more faith and self confidance. I know all about abusive boyfriends tearing you down and making you feel worthless, but you gotta find it in your heart to get out of there and make something of yourself. Sooner or later, you'll find the strength to walk away and hold your head high, but first you have to find that in yourself. As my lovely Elenor Roosevelt said "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."<br />
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Keep your head up and remember you have some one on the otherside of the country who would fly 2000 miles to see you and who would do anything for you.

Well that is super hard! Im not too sure about how you could get your scheduals to fit close together so you could have time off together or something( from what I hear both branches can be wishy-washy about time off.) But one the up side after you're married wouldnt that be concidered double compensation pay? Sorry I couldnt help too much.