The Internet Isn't Just A Bunch Of Hooey

Over a year ago my fiancee and I met online. We found each other on the yahoo personals, then I found him on myspace, and the rest is history. We went on our first meeting together to a little restraunt where I lived, and I knew there was something about him that I  needed to explore more. After a few months we began dating, seriously, and by 6 months I had a promise ring on my finger. The times were getting tough on his job and he eventually realized he needed to go to school so he could be at a better standing in the job market. This is when he decided that the Navy was the way for him to go because he didn't have the finances to be going to school.

I was excited for him. He had never gotten this far away from his comfort zone before, and I thought this would be a great eye opener for him. Of course I was worried that this would affect our relationship, however, it only made it stronger. Over his Christmas Exodus he proposed to me, and now i'm the Fiancee of a soon to be Naval Hospital Corpsman. He is still in A school, but I couldn't be more proud to be his.

onikki onikki
18-21, F
Feb 15, 2010