I Have A Navy Boyfriend

   So my boyfriend of almost a year just went to bootcamp in Great lakes IL. I don't know what to do:( i have never felt this lonely. I am moving into his house and sleeping in bed without him there seems to be the hardest part asside from not being able to call him. Everything about him is perfect. He loves me just as much as I love him and he sent me messages before he left and had his dad sent me a letter after he left so i would get one sooner than later. We have talked about getting married in a couple of years and building a house together. I just hope that within that time something doesn't happen between us and we split up. We are perfect for eachother and even our family's say it. I plan to write him everyday and i know i won't get as many letters as i send him but i would really like it if anyone had any advise for me. To maybe make time pass by easier. Oh yeah and what would be the ideal time to get married in a situation like this?

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The first two weeks are by far the most difficult. I am in week 5 now of boot camp and the weeks are starting to go by a bit quicker... thank God. You will get your first letter from him on his third week (it took me 18 days to get the first one). I got a 3 minute phone call the Saturday after he left (this is rare from what I hear). And you should get a phone call around week 4. You never know when these calls will come, so keep your phone on you at all times! :) You'll really feel bad about missing one. Keeping busy is key. It's hard to say what you should do to keep busy because everyone is different. Personally, I go to college (finishing up my Junior year), work at a restaurant, and I try to spend time with friends and family. I also write to my boyfriend everyday, and let me tell you it DEFINITELY helps! It makes me feel like I am still talking to him and keeping him in my everyday life. He says the letters really help him through too. Getting mail is the only time he looks forward to in the day!<br />
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As for getting married... A lot of Navy couples think about or try to do it PIR (graduation) weekend. From everything I have read, it seems to be a bad idea. The time is really limited on liberty weekend (especially if he will be grad and go). Not only this, but RDC's strongly encourage the new sailors not to get married that weekend. They may suffer consequences, although they cannot tell them they can't get married. It is just strongly frowned upon. It would be best to jump through all the hoops the Navy has for getting married. It is recommended to get married in A-school. This way your sailor will be able to get all the appropriate go ahead's from those above him and fill out all the paper work. This way you will be included when he gets his first orders for after a-school. Not only will you be able to live with him on his first base, but the Navy will also help pay for your move.<br />
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Hope some of this was of help to you! =) If you ever need to talk, just shoot me a line.<br />