Trying To Get Time Off

So I graduate college next weekend, and I move 6 hours north several days later for a new job that I'll be starting on May 17th!   I'm really excited that my life is finally being set in motion but I'm disapointed that he can't be here with me to reassure or even help me with this transition. And what I am absolutley, insanely worried about is his graduation.  It will be on June 11, and we don't know what type of liberty he'll get so I'm preparing the entire weekend or at least trying to.  The first two weeks of my new job are orientation and classes and then I'll be given a month long, rotating schedule where I'll work 10 hours a day, 4 days a week.  I called earlier today to speak with the HR department about how to request those three days off, and they told me I'd just have to sit tight because I have to request time off to a supervisor and I won't have one until halfway through my orientation... I stressed that it was really important as I gauged the guys reaction.  He said that I would have to talk to whoever my supervisor is but if he was my supervisor he "definitly wouldn't be impressed that as a new employee I was already requesting time off".  I started bawling but sucked it up enough to finish the phone call without letting my voice change.

He asked why I needed 3 days off and I knew this guy wouldn't just go with, my boyfriend is graduating bootcamp so I added in that my brother would be returning from Afghanistan (which he might be on that same weekend, so I didn't entirely lie) and that as my brother's beneficiary and with his new promotion I was needed to sign paperwork.  All the guy said was to wait and ask my supervisor and that he hoped my brother was doing well.

I promised my boyfriend that I would be there and do whatever it takes to have those days off, and I don't intend to let someone just tell me that I have to work those days.  but then again, this is my first professional job right out of college, I just can't mess this up...

Now I have to wait almost 3 weeks before I can talk to someone... I feel so helpless...


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Oh wow...I'm so very sorry!! I'll be praying you can get the time off! (:

I'm sorry that work is complicating it for you even though its great you're graduating college and starting your life! I hope that you do get the time off. I was so nervous about going on the trip for my boyfriends graduation and i was EXTREMELY lucky that i was able to. i really hope it works out for you cause that is a great time for you and your boyfriend.