Bad Week.

So today was my day to get letters... I searched through the mail to find a plastic baggy of a torn up envelope :( i was able to put the one page of letter back together and read that there was supposed to be a rosary in the envelope that evidently was what tore the letter... Im so afraid all my letters from the week were in there :( and that now they are torn to shreds somewhere in the post office.  On top of this I had to go to the hospital this week for health complications and my sailor should be finding out about now... He is probably terribly worried and now i feel worse that i only got a very breif letter from him saying nothing about our phone call last week and all the pictures i sent him that he asked for... please pray that my other letters are in the mail and not damaged.... Has anyone else had problems with their letters being torn in the mail?

Jordonsgirl Jordonsgirl
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3 Responses May 6, 2010

Oh I am very sorry girl. Thinking of you!

Oh hun! I'm so sorry!! :(( I'll definitely pray that those weren't all of your letters and you'll be getting more soon. (:

no it happened while it was being shipped because it was in a mail bag. my dad says when you send heavy things in small envelopes sometimes they get caught in the machines and get torn :( im guessing thats what happened.