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Tonight I went to my boyfriend's Senior Awards Ceremony and the whole time I sat with his mom. She and I get along fine and everything it was just afterwards.. Everything was going great. Cameron had gotten recognized for joining the Navy and I was so proud of him. I could see how happy he was and I was just as happy for him :) At the end of all the awards I was just ready to go. I had been sitting still for 2 hours and I still had a lot of homework to do. So as Cameron and I were walking outside to introduce me to one of his new friends who had just joined the Navy, his mom walked up and jumped into our conversation. So anyway, the conclusion of that conversation was her telling me that all the calls Cameron gets to make in bootcamp are going to her and she said he will get to call every week.. Is that true? Cameron and his mother are under the impression that he will get a lot of phone time. From what I've heard that's not true. Any comments??

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akchristiangirl: my boyfriend said the same thing that he only cared if i went!! there was a big issue because they only have so many slots for graduation, only 4 people for each graduate (cuz it gets PACKED!) and his parents were upset because he wouldnt take me off the list so both of his sisters could go so apperently i ruined the big family trip (they cared more about touring then spending time with him anyways!) and he didnt care as long as i got to go!!! our sailors love us! if they dont then they arnt worth it!

Phattsilyagnel is so right! My boyfriend's mom was INSANE before he left. And then I found out he called me first every time and wrote me every week when he only wrote her once or twice. It's true about military mom's. Its like there's no one else that matters. And the worst part about my boyfriend, is his mom ended up not even going to the graduation. :( Long story, but he told me today he didn't care because I was the only person he cared about seeing. Not his parents. So it's true, WE'RE the ones getting them through boot camp. And the majority of guys, want nothing more than to hear they voice of their girl, and NOT their mom, their RDC's are bad enough. (:

what all the others said is true, i wanted to say that i got along fine with my bf's parents until he left for boot. then for some reason everything turned around. one thing i hate about most military moms is that they all get stuck up and think they are the only important person in their kids life. they way i feel from my bfs parents (and they pretty much confirmed it to him in a talk after getting in a big fight graduation weekend) is that im just a girlfriend, im replaceable its so stupid. they thought they were all that when guess what, I GOT MORE COMMUNICATION FROM HIM then they did hahaha! he sent me letters every wheek and called me first every time he got calls and only saved a couple minutes for his parents but never told them how much time he got lol. perhaps your man will do something like that, cuz it sound similar the way you said that his mom controls him, thats wht mines parents did, control him and once out from under their belt, i think hey realized that they ARNT the most important people in his life!!! just keep your chin up. cuz its us, the girlfriends, who get our sailors through bootcamp. so when he leaves sned him tons of letters and pictures because YOU are going to be his strength not his mom!!!!!

Thanks for all of the input. I was quite sure that this is the kind of response I was going to get. I was and still am kind of hurt about what his mom said to me because it just thought there may have been a better time and place for that.. She didn't ask him or anything. She pretty much just told both of us that that's what was going to happen. I thought it was rude but she will just have to see how it goes because she can't control him like she's been doing for the las 18 years. Let's just say she and I don't have the best relationship going on right now...

this isnt true at all. and also they dont get a number of phone calls, they get an amount of time in which they can call people (the amount of time is usually based on how they do its something they have to earn) and they can make as many calls as they want in that time period. so he will have time to call you and his mom no worries =)

He'll get a 30 second "i'm here, i'm alive" phone call when he gets there. And an "I'm a sailor now" call after his battlestations towards the end. He is guaranteed absolutely nothing in between then and only gets to make a phone call as a form of a reward. So, not counting the first 30second one, you should only count on 2 or 3 at the most for the entire 8 weeks

I think my bf only got to call once during boot camp, besides the first one and the "I'm a sailor" call. It all depends on how well their division does and if the people in charge of their let them.

That is definitely FALSE. I wish it was true but it's not. My Cameron got to call home 3 times, 4 if you include the 30 second phone call the night they get there. He got two during boot camp, and one "I'm a Sailor" call after he passed Battle Stations 21, which is their final test to see if they graduate or not. And usually in those other 3 calls they get a certain amount of time and get to call whomever they want. They don't tell them who, just a certain amount of phone time they can use as they choose. I wish it was more, but it's definitely NOT every week, although the letters usually are after the first ones come. (: I hope that helps. (: