Boyfriend In Bootcamp....driving Myself Crazy!

Hey this is my first post,I'm really freaked out by all my emotions i'm having....The two weeks before he left and three days after he left (he's been gone a week) I cried and had anxiety attacks everynight because I didn't know what I was gonna do without him...and then after the 3 days of being miserable,I just got numb and freaked out because I felt like I was already forgetting how amazing we are together and afraid my feelings are going to fade.....I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT. Ahhh...someone help..I know I love him so much,I just think and worry about losing feelings and forgetting everything..its all I can focus on and I'm driving myself crazy...please someone tell me if this is normal.....his mom called me yesterday while I was tanning and she left me a 5 minute voicemail,I was so excited I thought maybe he was coming home but she was just bawling because she got his clothes in the mail and she couldn't handle made me break down in the middle of the gym,I felt like an emotions are all over the place...I don't know how to handle them or why I'm feeling so crazy right now....I need advice! Thanks :)

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2 Responses May 12, 2010

Well I'm glad I could help. (: I doubt you need to be medicated, military life takes lots of getting used to. Yes, I got to go to his graduation. (: It was, beyond amazing. Do you know when his is yet? Or if you'll be able to go? My first letter took 3 weeks almost exactly. They can only send mail out on Sunday's. So I got my letters every Thursday because I live far away. So 2 to 3 weeks is about how long you'll have to wait for the first letter. (:

Well, let me start by saying you are completely normal. (: And honestly, just take a few breaths and relax. Getting yourself all freaked out and worked up just make things worse. My boyfriend is starting his 3rd week in A-school, so not too long ago I was in your situation. I did the SAME thing. I was terrified and had no idea what to do. It hurts too much so you try to ignore how you feel, then you freak out about how you're a horrible girlfriend because you don't remember how you felt and you think your feelings will just fade away. I promise if you really love him those feelings will NEVER go away. He's not around, so it's hard to feel them as strongly as you could when he was around, but they're not gone. It's okay to try to keep yourself busy or make things easier on yourself. I would start writing him every day. That helped me SOO much. And once those letters start coming from him, every time you open them it's like all your feelings come flooding back and it's the best reassurance in the world. I hope that helps and I'm always here if you need someone to talk to, just remember you're perfectly normal and we ALL know how you feel. (: