Sooo Excited.

hey ladies! (: so my sailor is in San Antonio, TX as most of ya'll know. and last night, we were talking on the phone before he went to bed. and we were talking about when i'll be able to come down and see him -- and he was saying in about three weeks, cause that's when he'll phase up to stay out all weekend. so i started to look at ticket prices online, and we were talking about it while i was doing so.. and then we just ended the search, because they were pretty expensive..and then he went on about this weekend, and he was like "oh man, this weekend is gonna be sweet!" and i asked him why. and he said "well we get out of class on friday at like 11 something, and then we don't have class until tuesday." and i was like "oh man, babe. this weekend would be PERFECT for me to come down..." and he was like "oh wow, it would.. baby, you should go look at tickets."

well, with a bunch of searching -- and a few hours of BEGGING and talking to my parents, we got everything worked out and i fly out to see him THIS Friday at 7AM!!! the flight has a few stops, but i don't even care! as long as i'll be able to see my man -- i'm happy! this morning he texted me saying how he hopes we can get everything figured out for this weekend, cause he'd love to see me. and then i went on saying how i can come & my dad bought the ticket and omg we're soo excited! i couldn't even fall asleep last night i was so excited, and i'm already awake! i can't believe i'm going to be seeing my sailor in FOUR freaking days!! (: (:
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Thank you ladies! I'm so unbelievably excited! I'm going to finally be in his arms in two days, my time! (: Ahh, I can't even believe it.. I'll tell you all about it when I get back! <br />
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Sarah, yes! We'll both have an amazing weekend with our Sailor's. Have fun with Brian!<br />
mnormyle, Thank you! (: I will. You'll get to see your Sailor soon, too! (: Boot camp is hard, if you ever need anything -- you can always ask!<br />
Blueblanket, thank you! I'm going to be taking in every moment I share with him.<br />
Techie, yay! Have fun with your Sailor hun! <3<br />
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And thank you Caitlin! (: I'll text you and tell you about everything!!!

Yay!!!!!! (((: I'm soo happy for you! Have a great weekend.d You deserve it! (:

i get to see my sailor this weekend too!!!

Aw that's so cute. I hope you have fun and its worth every penny!

YAY I'm so happy for you babe! I'm getting to see Brian this weekend as well, if filling out a chit to be able to come home Friday through Sunday for fleet week and to have the rights to stay overnight at home for it so if everything get the okay he'll be coming home Thursday after classes and not leaving until Sunday around 7. (he would have been able to stay Monday as well but unfortunately he has duty Monday :/ oh well) Sounds like were both going to be having amazing weekends with our Sailors!!