I havent been on here for a while but just an update my sailor and i broke up back in April. He gave me a promise ring for my bday and said he would wait for me then  week later broke up with me and said he didnt know if he could handle the distance. He left two weeks ago for bootcamp, but i did see him before he left and told him how i felt about him. I still love him and have feelings for him and he told me the same thing. but he was just scared about what would happen to us later down the road and that he didnt want to hold me back. I tried telling me he wouldnt but he didnt listen . He told me that he'll come back eventually and we will see what happens to us when he comes back,  alot can happen in the 6 years he'll be inlisted for.  I told him that ill always have him in my heart always and that love him no matter what . He promised to still write to me while he was in bootcamp. Before he got on the plane he tried calling me 4 times but  i didnt see the missed calls until later on that day. So he texted me and said i was calling to tell you bye and that i love you and im going to be thinkin about you. I didnt see this coming at all the whole break up. Im not sure if i should  keep my heart open for him in case he does come back,  or move on . i guess i'll have to wait it out and see
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just stay positive and wait and see what happens, i can tell you when he is in boot camp he will miss u like crazy and he will realize just how much he loves you. so if he is the guy you love and want. i would say fight for him. :) in my experience which isnt much, i dated a Marine before lol. when they are about to leave for some time like boot camp or deployments, they start to kinda freak out. they start to think they are holding us back and they try to distance themselves because they think if they do that it wont hurt as bad when they actually leave. in reality it hurts worse. just hang in there