Hey girls. My boyfriend left for boot yesterday and today is the hardest day I have ever faced. We've been together for 3 years and I'm so used to talking to him all day every day and now I can't even send him a text or hear his voice. I know it's only like this for 2 months but I think they are going to be the 2 hardest months of my life. So today is my first day on here and I'm so happy I can talk to other people going through the same thing. When should we expect to get his box with all of his information so I can start writing him??
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Hey girl, welcome to the rollercoaster ride; it's a long and tough ride, but in the end it's worth it. (: The box actually won't have his information, that'll just be all his stuff..but you will receive a letter informing you about his graduation date, who's on the list and it'll have his address. and that should come about two weeks after. You'll probably receive his first letter in about three weeeks. These two months will definitely be hard, but just keep yourself busy and preoccupy yourself, and they'll go by fast. Once you get the letters rolling, they'll definitely go by fast. (: I hope this helped, and if you ever need anything I'm here for talks (:

Thanks guys. it helps alot!! i just cant wait to get that letter and know he exists again

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um his parents should get his box with in a week of him being in boot camp maybe sooner you should get ur first letter in 2 to 3 weeks his parents will prolly get a letter in the first week of him being there. <br />
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Welcome! My boyfriend left for boot camp July 27th so I'm still fairly new to boot camp, too. The box came about 5 days after he got there but you can't write him from that address. You have to wait about another week to get his writing address and his graduation date. I got his address today. So just keep busy and it will get there in no time :))