A Bit Worried.

Slade left for Great Lakes on the 22nd, and I just received my first letter yesterday! I swear I jumped around barefoot in the yard for about 5 minutes before actually reading it! Ha, the thing about Slade and I is we are not "officially" dating, which worries me. We broke up right before basic, his reason being that if something happens while he is gone, our situation would still be salvagable. Which makes sense, but I can't help freaking out about what will happen after basic, when he's stationed god knows where and surrounded by other girls. Does anybody know what I mean? Or am I freaking for no reason? He seems like he wants to be with me, he even talks about me moving with him..grrr. I hate being worried about it.
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I was in the EXACT same position when James left for Bootcamp. And lemme tell you, the bootcamp changed him. Any worry i might have had about him being unfaithful is gone. They emphasize the fact that you wouldnt be anywhere without loved ones. And if you guys were good before he left i promise he wont have time to even think about other people. He needs support and once he sees your there to give that to him, well..im sure he'll realize what the navy keeps telling him.

Well, it's always normal to be worried especially if you're not "officially" dating. But if he's talking like that and you're so excited I really don't see a need. I live literally on the opposite side of the country from Cameron, and it's okay. As long as you can trust him, then you two will be set! (:

my boyfriend is stationed 870 miles away from me. i have nothing to worry about but all girls have different men. i dont think you should worry because he seems to care for you! the best thing to have right now is faith and trust in him! he'll be there for you if youre there for him!

I don't think you should be worried. If you were that excited to get your letter from him i think it is obvious how you feel about him. How long were yall together? My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and he left for basic two days ago. As much as I miss him and didn't want him to go..I know that this will be the ultimate test of our love and if we make it through this we can make it through anything. I think you should let life take its course and if you still feel the same way about him when he gets back then you will know :)