Navy Boyfriend Gone For 3 Months :(

My boyfriend Peter is in the Royal Australian Navy and has sailed to Timor for 3 months to build houses for the unfortunate. This is the longest we have been apart..only 2 weeks have passed im doing okay but I know ill be upset in a month or so.....
We also share a house together so I am home alone but i have my doggy Bella to keep me company..

What do you girls do to occupy yourself when your man is away?
meganface meganface
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 11, 2010

I'm OCD so I clean a lot! The best advice I can give is stay busy. Things to keep your mind off of him will be your best bet. Or plan him a coming home party or make him a scrap book of your time together! Anything to keep you busy will work the best!