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 i've been with my boyfriend for only a little over a year, which hasnt been the greatest year. we have history, and in this past yr we've been through everything that could possibly be thrown at us, being 3000 miles apart  sucks, since he lives in california and i live in pennsylvaina. we are highschool sweethearts, met in 9th grade and fell DEEPLY in love, heartbroken and ripped apart when his family moved to california after 9th grade. i never stopped loving him, and he never really stopped loving me, after 9 years apart, we found eachother online and fell in love ALL over again. he's been married , and his divorce was final on the 4th of july...great independace day, that day definately had a double meaning this year. but we stood together through it. all of it. he is very accepting and understanding, loves me and my son more then life itself. i was just told last night he is leaving, for a 3 year deployment....i cried, bawling like a baby...begged him not to go. but he got his orders and everything is signed. he leaves in 3 weeks, but i only have about 10 days before he goes into lockdown before ship out....the worst part is that today is my birthday. trying not to think about it is the only thing i can do. i've cleaned my house from top to bottom, trying to get it out of my head, all the while checking the computer to see if he came online yet, just so i can see and talk to him....checking my phones making sure theyre both writing an online journal, to keep me sane through 3 years of my life that he's going to miss. when we reconnected after 9 years, we talked about EVERYTHING, and now knowing that he's going to be missing 3 years its rough. 3 years we were going to have together. was supposed to be our foundation. starting our life together, our everything is going to have to wait, cuz the navy needs the love of my life to fight for our freedom. i'm am very proud of eric. he's a patriot to the core. a true hero. i am PROUD to be able to say my boyfriend is a part of something SO much bigger then what most people are a part of. i proudly stand by my man, getting goose bumps at the sound of the national anthem, teary eyed at the sight of a man in uniform. proud navy girlfriend? YES i a deployment going to stop me, break me? NO. is it going to turn me bitter, make me love eric any less for leaving for so long? NO. im going to love him MORE.
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thanks. lol im shannon.....and i appreciate all the support! us military wives/girlfriends have to stick together.

That is a great attitude to have for this situation. Everything happens for a reason, right? If you ever need to talk we are all here for you. I'm Jordan, by the way :)

thanks. i am hopeful for the future, and i know our relationship will grow through this. everything WILL work out for us. we are meant to be together, and after 10 years apart, whats 3 more???? im just going to stay upbeat and positive and make it through, for him, for me, for my son....for our future

That's so sweet. It's amazing that you two reconnected after all those years. My boyfriend is still in bootcamp so I haven't been through a deployment yet and I'm not looking forward to it. Being a Navy girlfriend is a very hard thing to do but standing behind your man and getting to see him so proud is worth it. I get chills when I hear the National Anthem, too. It's a great feeling and I'm glad you have decided to tough it out through his deployment. I hope your relationship grows through this and everything works out in the end :)