His In Japan"/

so my boyfriend is in the Navy. currently in Japan but is in Deployment some where in the Pacific Ocean. His been there since April 7, 2010. I talk to him on the phone when his in Japan but mostly were emailing each other for now. It gets pretty lonely but i know i love him and ill always wait for him. Im young, turning 17 this December. My parents dont approve of him and they took my phone away believing that will stop me from talking to him... but there wrong(: I bought my own phone and i find ways to get money to pay it. I love my bf so much and some day ill marry him(: Because of my parents disapproval of my love for him he gets the idea that i dont love him as much as he does because when his back home i dont get to go out of the house as much as he wants me to see him. I need advice on how to show him he means the world to me"/ 
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How old are you? It's great to know that someone also knows the feelings and mixed emotions I go through everyday cuz his in the military! I love that we all can have a place to talk bout our feelings cuz I really need some comforting words.. I'm sorry that you got kicked out"/ i hope your doing good though! And thank you for your comment(:

hey gurl we are about the same age about the army well my fiance is in his deployment ryt now thier are times that i cant talk to him but we do the same email or sometyms web cam but to give the advice gurl dnt give up my dad didnt approve of me being with him and got kicked out of my house but it was all for the best dnt let nothing or nobody come between the love you have for him remind him how much you love him and that you are wiling to wait for him as much as it takes dnt give up gurl show him you are strong and aint going no where

Thank you(: I have a friend who has a bf who just left to the army, is it worse then the NAVY as some people say?

Fhchick23 is so right. The guys all of us are behind need our support whether the admit it or not. So just let him know exactly how you feel. Email him as much as you can and let him know you care :)

Thank for the advice(: I'll keep that in mind

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my advice is to just keep emailing him every chance you get while he is deployed trust me getting emails everyday from the one you love will keep him sane and let him know u care about him just as much as he does you. keep talking to him as much as you can when he is back from deployment and re assure him that you love him just as much if not more then he does you that will make him feel better about this whole situation and just keep ur head up girly everything will work out in the end and remember you are his rock whether he tells u that or not you are his rock u r the one that keeps him grounded and u r the one he thinks about every chance he gets he may not admit it but u r and you have to b strong not only for ur self but for him as well no matter how hard it may be at times.<br />
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hope this helps<br />
chels :)