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Hi everyone, I'm new to this group. I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years now, and he joined the navy back in April. He is scheduled to leave for boot camp on January 11. Even though I still get to be with him for 5-6 more months, the reality of the situation is starting to hit me. We've gone through some tough periods together, but we made it out stronger and even more in love than before. We are planning on getting engaged in the next few months, before he leaves ( but he's making it a surprise:) ) and we are getting married next summer after he is finished with boot camp and A school. He is going to be a Corpsman, and I am in school studying nursing. Since I will only have two years of school under my belt when we get married, I'm really worried about being able to transfer to a different school and still be able to get my degree, since I don't have the slightest idea where he will be stationed after school.

We have been told that we are too young, that we don't know what we are doing, and that we shouldn't rush things, but we both know in our hearts this is the right decision for both of us. We love each other so much and don't want to be with anyone else. It will be extremely hard to be apart from him for long periods, especially right off the bat because since the day we met 2 1/2 years ago, we have talked every single day. I am so proud of him for his decision, but that doesn't make it any easier for me to live with :( I hate it when people ask him what his plans are and when he tells them, they turn to me and give me a sad face and say "I am so sorry". Don't they realize that saying that just makes it worse? I don't know. Its hard when people don't understand what it feels like. Any advice or encouragement would be great, I know he's not gone yet, but my life has been rough lately with my parents getting divorced and knowing that he is leaving is taking its toll on me. I'm trying to be strong and I'm handling it as best I can. I know it will only get harder, but if it means I get to be with him the rest of my life, it will be worth it. I love my soon to be Corpsman <3
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You are welcome. what is your facebook

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Thanks for the advice :) I'd love to get to know some other navy wives/girlfriends, and I agree, they should always stick together. It'd be great to talk sometime, and yes I do have Facebook. <br />
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I have been been with my husband for 5 years we got married last year, He is a corpsman in the Navy . He is stationed at Point Mugu ca, We have 2 children 19 months and 6 months. I have to say it is hard being married or dating a guy in the Navy. we have been through deployments, schools for him , him being stationed on ships for a few months on and off, and detachments. The best thing I can say is send as much time with him, It will go by fast and will hurt not to see or hear from him for a few weeks but it will go by fast trust me. I agree with both people the Navy does make a lot of changes and as it changeless. Talk about the way ya'll both feel and help each other to get ready for this, School wise I know the Navy will help with spouse getting into schools and pay for it also unless that changed. Make as many memories ya'll can together, I know it is hard for your parents going through the divorced come from a divorced family since I was 3. If you want someone to talk to about that I can help. Any Navy questions I can try and answer my best. Hope that I helped, My husband and I also have a lot of things going on and hope one of ya'll could help. Navy wives /girlfriends should always stick together <br />
Just wondering if ya'll have a facebook <br />

Thanks girls :) Its really great to have found a place where I can relate to others and they understand what I'm going through. I agree with both of you about the next few months, I'm going to make them count as much as possible. Our two year anniversary is actually coming up in a couple weeks so I'm hoping that will be special. Thanks again, its nice to feel welcome :)

Welcome!! (: Okay, so my fiancé left for boot on February 24th. And he's still in school right now. So I'm right there! You're never too young if you know what you want and you take time to make your decisions. My advice would be much similar to Jojo94. These next few months will FLY by. So don't waste any of it being sad or worrying! Because I know when that day came that he left I was like wow, I'm so glad I wasn't like letting this get to me and I enjoyed the time I had left. Make sure you talk about ever possibility and you're both flexible to things that ALWAYS change. Thats what the navy is I've learned. Lots of changing and lots of waiting. And for school, I'm in the same boat. I just finished my freshman year of college and we're planning to get married Christmas of 11. So I'll only be just over half way done with school! :/ So if you learn anything about making transfers easy let me know! Sorry this is so long but welcome to the group again and remember we're always here if you need anything. (:

Welcome to the group!! When you said people apologize to you because of your situation I know exactly what you mean and know how you feel. My boyfriend left June 27th and it's hard to be apart from him but when you realize that what he's doing is such an amazing thing. Don't spend your time right now worring about him leaving because you have so much precious time with him. Spend it wisely because before you know it, it's gone. Talk to him about everything that's going to happen with him so you are well informed. Once again, welcome to the group :)