Waiting, Wishing, Wanting

I study your picture,
Your navy blue uniform,
That bright white hat,
Those polished black shoes,
I study your picture,
Afraid of forgetting how you look.

I wait in this room,
I wait for that call,
I stay by my phone,
If I miss that call...I cant call back.
If I miss that call...
There's no telling when I'll get another.

I wish I could look out my window,
And see your vehicle in the driveway.
I wish I could sit in this room,
And see you come through the door.
I wish these months would hurry by,
But we both know...
None of this is possible.

I want to call you mine,
You are the goverments.
I want to cry,
But you need me to smile,
I smile.
You are a Navy Sailor.
I am your support.
Months go by...I'm still here.
I'll always be here.
Stephanie215 Stephanie215
18-21, F
4 Responses Jul 13, 2010

These words describe every emotion girl. You've nailed it. This process will never be easy. It does get easier, yes...but in turn, it gets even harder. I promise that once you're to the point where you're with your Sailor, everything will be worth while. I'm still not with mine, but that day is in my future. Just try to stay positive. It's so hard, yes I know...but I'm always here if you need someone to talk to.

So beautiful! I feel exactly like the poem says. It makes me smile :)

Im going through the A-school thing right now so I know i've got way more ahead. I look up to girls like you. Its not easy

Aw girl, love the poem that's so sweet and true..welcome to the USN world of WAITING...I'm waiting on a phone call right now for him to tell me his next duty station and then subsequently figure out the next 2 yrs. of my life... you are very welcomed and supported by this group of navy gf's..these girls have got me through boot camp, A-school transition and what's ahead, good luck, God bless and look me up anytime to chat :)