He's Coming Home!!!

Tonight I am overwhelmed with happiness...I have been stressing my bf's orders to his first duty station out of A-school for weeks now, he sent me very serious text today..hon, we have to talk...got my orders and I'm on a ship, call u after 10..I was freaking out, imagining Japan, Egypt, 3 years overseas... well he called and I was crying and almost throwing up, and he said omg, I didn't know you'd get so upset I am stationed on a ship, but it's in Boston, b...it's a historical ship that hasn't sailed since 1800's, he's security detail on it...he's coming home, ladies! Boston is less than 1 hr. from me..I've been praying so hard and God heard me (sorry for all the swearing earlier God, but I've been stressing out) Can I get a Hoo-yah!?! my man is coming home!!!
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5 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Congrats girl!!! :D I'm so glad he'll be close to home!!

That's awesome that he's going to be close to you. Have fun!

Yay hun! I'm so happy for you!! :D Congratulations girl!

Congrats! I about puked when my bf said that he was picking his orders. I was a nervous wreck the WHOLE day! lol.

yay I'm so happy for you! :)) I know exactly the feeling the day my husband called and told me he got sent back to WA out of all the places he could have gotten sent to.<br />
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Congrats on having him back home <3