Well ladies, as you all know, or if you didn't know, I'm engaged to be married. And for the past week, Chris and I have been bouncing between court house marriage to planning a real wedding.. Well, we were kind of set in a court house marriage...but then I had a huge change of heart, and we talked through EVERY detail and compromised to a small family & friends wedding in Minnesota December 4th of this year! He's stationed in SC, so hopefully he'll be getting leave by then. :D He's talking to his chief tomorrow about it, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed and prayers wide open. Please ladies pray for us! :D I can't wait to be with my sailor once and for all, and now that we've got a date set in mind -- we can get this wedding on a roll, and start planning everything! (: Thanks to all you ladies who helped me through everything. :D And to all you new girls, I'm always here if you need me!
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congrats I am happy for you :)

aww congrats! a winter wonderland

winter weddings are so romantic... so happy for you, definitiely praying for you two, you deserve all the happiness in the world!

where in SC is he? my boyfriend is in Goose Creek

Congrats!!! Im so excited for you. I feel like... I'm supposed to wait. Like it's what everyone expects but ive been with him for a few years now, and we care so much about eachother. I plan on waiting many years but theres still that thought in the back of my mind...Why not just do it now? What do you think?(: