3 Weeks To Go Until Graduation!

My names Brittany and I am new here.  I had no idea there was so much support for navy girlfriends and wives.  Me and my bf have been together for 2 years next month.  He had always mentioned he wanted to go armed forces growing up, which was fine when we first started dating cuz I had no idea we would make it this far.  he left for basic june 15th and as much as I think about him and am sad, i think the time has gone bye so fast.  I got his first phone call today which made me happy and sad at the same time, it sucked cuz it was only a 6 min phone call, so as happy as i was to hear his voice again, i didnt want to let him off the phone.  His graduation is coming up August 6th and I am really excited..  im kinda nervous though cuz what if it's different, what if were different?  Also I wanted to know if anyone knew, after basic do they get their 2 week leave or is it after a school.  All your guys stories touched me and made me feel like there are people who understand what i am going through.  Thanks

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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Welcome! (: Yeah, it sucks that they don't get leave besides the during the day for just that weekend. But once they're in a-school they get their phones back and communication is MUCH easier and more constant. :D

after basic they just get the weekend unless they are grad and go. they have to be back at base every night at a certain time. and welcome to the site : )