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Ok so I must have 10 million thoughts going through my head as august gets closer and I get closer to seeing Tyler but on the other hand I don't want to get my hopes up to high for fear of being let down if what I thought was going to happen really didn’t. Ok well let me explain Tyler tells me pretty much on a regular bases from before he went underway to the emails I get weekly that he wants me to stay with him forever. That he has to make sure he does not have a roommate when he gets back so that I can stay in the barracks with him which I know cant happen anyways because girls are not allowed to stay in the barracks with the guys for fear of getting pregnant and prolly many other things lol but honestly what would you think was going to happen the next time u saw ur guy after he has told you time and time again he wished you could stay with him forever? My friends and family think I’m nuts for putting up with all of this but I don't care I have brought this up to my friends and family they have all told me the same thing ur to young to get engaged (family) or aww its gunna happen chels I just know it (friends) and I really don't know who to listen to b.cuz I have had this happen to me b4 with my ex and he had actually asked me to marry him but told me he would ask me to marry him in 4 yrs after college well needless to say that did not work out as planned and honestly I am happy it didn't b.cuz then I never would have met Tyler and b as happy as I am now but anyways I would really love to hear from you girls and what you make of this am I just setting myself up for a massive let down or do you think it could actually happen this time?
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Hey Adamsgf. Congrats on the big talk! :) Did he end up in Japan? I have no idea where your bf is in his career....but you do have to be an E-4 ( Petty Officer 3rd class) to have your spouse live with you overseas....idk if ya'll knew that or not. That sounded a lot like mine and my bfs convo. lol. He LOVES to travel...but decided against picking overseas orders b/c of the fact that he is only an E-3. <br />
I try NOT to bring up the subject...just b/c I don't want it to sound like I'm being pushy. Now...he brings it up a lot....so it is talked about....a few times a week. lol. Just don't bring it up allll the time. He might change his mind if you talk about it everytime ya'll talk. ya know?

Thanks for this story, I needed to hear sierra's and DKZ's advice SO bad... My bf brought up marriage last week before we knew where he was going to be stationed and we were trying to figure out what to do if he was like in Japan, he said well, we would get married before I leave...we had great talk about being serious and our future together...well I went on vacation that weekend with his mom and his brother, after a few twisted teas told his mom about our conversation and she was so excited, jumping up and down hugging me, wanting to plan a wedding then and there...sounds good right? Then after his mom & i got home, she calls adam and starts in with 'do you have something to tell me? when are you going to ask her? i can't wait for your wedding!' thanks alot maa, lol, i think she freaked him out a bit! Everything's fine between us now, but now I'm hesitant to even bring up the subject, even though I would get married tomorrow and want to SO bad! Sorry for the long and rambling vent...but where else can I do this if not to you ladies? (:

thanks and yeah the major let down would b him not proposing but i am trying to live each day at a time i'm just really excited for august b.cuz he comes back from underway and then on the 6th i get to go c him for 2 weeks so i am super excited lol

Hey! My Sailor and I have been together for almost 2 years. Attached at the hip before the Navy...and he has been in for almost 8 months now. He brings up marriage almost everytime we talk. And he is coming to see me in 2 weeks. I'm honestly not expecting him to get on one knee...but if he does we both know I will say yes. lol. That being said is the "massive let down" him not proposing? I think you should live in the here and now...and if you both want to be with each other forever great. I wouldn't stress over it too much. Just enjoy the time you have with him. Most girls have dated douchebags in the past...and don't let the actions of an ex ruin what you have with Tyler.

thanks sierra thats helps a lot and thats so cool that both our guys names are tyler lol

hi! im sierra, and guess what my fiance's name is tyler too! so im gonna let you in on a little secret, it CAN happen. ive been through all the liars and cheaters and scumbags and when i met my tyler, he was completly different. he actually cared. after being together for 2 years and nearly inseperable (except for the last 7 months hes been in boot and school) he proposed. what you have to do is think about how long you have been with him, how much you honestly care about him, and most of all, think about your special times together, all your little moments. when he did something stupid or cute, going to the movies or on other dates, not the fancy stuff but the stuff where you guys had a lot of fun just being together. if you can look back and see that there is tons of that stuff that just makes you smile and want to call him a dork, then i assume you truly care.<br />
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its natural to have doubts after having been hurt, trust me. i trust my man 110% but i still have a guard up because i dont want to get hurt and thats completly natural, it doesnt mean i love him any less. ive known for a long time that he was the man i wanted to marry, and he said he wanted to marry me too but always said not for a long time. so even though i wanted him to drop to one knew and propose a year ago, i took a step back and just realised, i love him, and he loves me i know it or he would have left me a long time ago. i was patient and believed in our love and decided i would wait until he was ready (wich i didnt think would be for a long time until he went and proposed a few weeks ago when he came home on leave!) so basicalyy my advice, is to not think so much about when he says he wants to stay with you forever, its his way of trying to let you know how he feels and except it but dont get your expectations too high for a wedding until you have a ring, just believe in your relationship, even when its the hardest thing to do. <br />
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my fiance will be deploying soon so i know its hard being away, but now you have to be strong for him. so dont think so much about the future, think of the now, and spend as much time with/talking to him. i know you probably think the same way i do, you just want to honor his last name, and know for a fact that your going to be with him, but honestly you dont need a ring for that. just believe!!!! also my fear is that if someething were to happen while hes deployed, i didnt get the chance to marry the one i loved....(he doesnt want to get married before he leaves :( ) but i just do the same i did before, i remember how much he cares and hope for the best.<br />
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i hope i helped a bit im sorry if i got off topic at all. message me if you ever want to talk more!!!!