Neww! (:

I'm Brittany and my boyfriend of two years just left for basic on the 7th, exactly a week ago! It may sound a little pathetic because it hasn't even been that long but I'm already missing him soo much and feeling very lonely. And it sucks because I feel like I've been drifting apart from alot of my good friends, which has been happening since before my boyfriend even left. BUT, I have been keeping myself busy to make the days go by faster and I've already written him six letters! How long was it before any of ya'll received letters from your men after they left for basic?

I'm looking forward to getting and giving support with you girls on this site! Sure, I can sit down with some people and they can hear me go on and on about my situation, but I mean, they really wouldn't understand. I'm glad to be sharing with girls that are in the same situation as I am. (:
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Noo! I'll let you know when we do though :D<br />
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That makes me suuper excited lol!

he went to great lakes too! we just got his graduation date and address today!!! have u gotten his graduation date yet?

you're not a loser, just a navy gf!!! my co-workers idea of a joke was to put saltines and gingerale on my nurse station and trash cans all around me because i used to throw up at work alot when my boyfriend first left... it will be great if you do meet up with other girls who's bfs are graduating the same day as yours, i have made some good friends thru this website, and was able to meet them at PIR and still keep in close touch with them now... good luck through boot camp experience :( and feel free to msg me

And his job I'm not too sure about, but I know he went to Great Lakes in Chicago for his basic! Where did your boyfriend go?

Thanks, thanks, and thanks! Lol (:<br />
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Yeah me and my friends had been drifting apart for a while but it really didn't bother me because I always had my boyfriend to keep me company. Now that he's gone, it sucks waking up and not having any texts, or checking my phone throughout the day and not having any missed calls or anything. And when I do get to text my friends, it's like we have nothing to talk about so the convo never lasts. Like I said, it didn't bug me until after he had gone, and it feels alot more lonely when no one really knows what you're going though. But I guess it is nice to hang out with friends who don't understand, just so they won't wanna sit around and talk about it, and you can get away from it all? Idk it's all a little confusing lol ugh i miss him! Thanks again! I thought I was a loser, missing him THIS much even though he's only been gone a few days. Nice to have all these boat-mates. :D

my boyfriend left on the 8th for basic! maybe their in the same divison..what is ur boyfriends job? we got his box on tuesday but still no letter with his address or graduation date. trust me girl your not the only one who has written 6 letters!! haha.

Hey, welcome to the group. I totally understand where your coming from. I noticed that I am totally drifting away from my friends. My boyfriend in leaving for bootcamp August 16 and i've been trying to spend alot of time with him before he leaves so i just assumed that the drift was because I wanted to spend my time with him. But honestly now that you mentioned it i just really dont want to be around anyone who isnt supportive or doesnt know what Im going through. Im not saying they dont support me or that my friends dont care i'd just rather surround myself with people who have experinced what i am about to go through. Hopeful my friends understand =/

i missed my boyfriend right when i said good bye! And i too was drifting away from my friends even before my boyfriend left. we are closer now again which is all worked out for me and i wish the same for you!

Hey! When my bf left for BC I was missing him the day after! lol. Just write as many letters as you can. It can also help to keep a journal. You don't want to write him the depressing stuff you are feeling. Write that kind of stuff in the journal. lol. Just keep busy. I know...sometimes it can be hard to do. <br />
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It usually takes about 2 weeks to start getting letters...and then they will come weekly. It also depends on how the division is and if the RDCs get mad at them...they may not get to write that week. So don't freak out too much if you don't get a letter one week. :)<br />
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ohhh...and about drifting apart from kinda happens...they don't really understand what you are going through. Maybe you can have a girls night with these friends....that way your mind will be off of your Sailor for a few hours and you can hang out with them :)