At Times It's Just Overwhelming.

It all started off, just 2 people playing frisbee, I didn't think it would really go any where. We began dating and shortly after we started dating he told me he was getting deployed, I've never delt with a deployment in my life. I just graduated from high school and I'm working full time. I know it may sound weird to be overwhelmed by everyday things but when so much is on your mind and the person that's grown to be your best friend, your boyfriend, and your hero is under way and not able to talk to you it's hard. I know his deployment is only a month but this will be a very long month for me.
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

He's been on an island for a while and we've been able to talk which is amazing especailly since I just miscarried and he was here to talk with me but hes on a sub and will be leaving soon. so no emails. But he'll be home in about 3 weeks. :)

Oh, honey, you'll get through it! The first time is always the worst and although you won't get used to it, it will become bearable. Are you able to speak to him through email? Most of the time I can email my guy unless they're radio silent.