I'm Scare

Hi everyone,

my boyfriend has not left for bootcamp just yet, he leaves exactlly in 12 days. we been together for 2 years 3 months , we started going out our junior year in high school during track. He 19 and im also 19, we spend every singel minute together and text all day long. Even though he has not left yet im already feeling sad and scare of what bootcamp and the navy will bring. I can not imagen not being able to see him and talk to him for 10 weeks. I love him so much and i see my self with him. but i dont know what will happen during bootcamp what to expect. and i dont know if i will be able to see him when he graduates because i heard only family can go. and if we be able to hang out after, im so proud and knowing that what he doing is great and so amazing help but not enough from feeling scare. I just dont know because im already feeling like this and he has not left yet.sad

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They will be able to go to the NEX and get stuff for letters. IDK if they would throw away that sort of stuff...but IF they did it would just be a waste of money. My bf didn't bring anything for letters and I got tons of them.

So I can buy him note book with stamps n envelopes so he can take to bootcamp and they won't take it away? I heard I shouldnt give him anything bcuz at bc they go through his stuff and if they find it they will make fun of him??? How big can the note book be n everything else so he can keep it in bc?

Yes write alllll the time. It really helps them get through BC. Cherish the few days that you have left with him. Its time to start being strong for him. So don't freak out too much these last days. My bf is about to graduate "a"school and head to the fleet.....so I can help out with all the BC stuff! :)

the time before he leaves up until the time you get your 1st letter 2-3 weeks will be hard. His parents will get his form letter about 7-10 days after he gets to boot and he can make 5 second phone call when he gets there. You can get his address from his parents off his form letter and Brittany has good advice, do write every day, he will love it. They can take so little to bc with them, but what i did was got him a notebook stuffed with envelopes, stamps, a calling card, and a hidden letter with big corny lipstick print kiss in it from me, with a wallet sized pic, and sprayed the letter with my perfume.. he's in a-school now but he still kept that. :)

It's only been a few days since my boyfriend left, and to be perfectly honest, it is really hard. But you HAVE to keep yourself busy, otherwise you'll just be sad thinking about him all the time. ):<br />
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I've been writing him letter everyday, and it's really nice letting everything out on a piece (or pieces lol) of paper, knowing that he'll be reading it. (:

i've heard of some girls going to MEPS for him swearing in. My boyfriend left for bootcamp on the 8th and i dropped him off at the navy office on the 7th and they took him to his hotel that night. It was only an hour away so i got to go to his hotel and eat dinner and chill in his room for a while. On the day they leave they basically hang around MEPS all day until their flight so you can go there if you want but you can't go to the airport

Its not all that bad. Just stay really close with his family, write him ALL the time (he needs it), and if anything he's going to treasure what you guys have way more as soon as he's out. you've got a long way to go. so do I. This is the life of a navy girlfriend. Find me if you ever wanna talk(:

Thanks that makes me feel a lot better to know tha i can go to his graduation... whrere you guys able to go to Meps and see your boyfriend get sworan in and go to the airport and say bye???

you can go to his graduation. i went with my bf's family