Letter From Bootcamp

Most of you guys know Daniel and I split 2 months before he left to bootcamp. He left june 7th, i got a letter from him 2 weeks ago thursday  and he said that he has been thinking about me , and i was wondering if its normal to get a letter every other week? I mailed it out on friday but it was the weekend of fourth of july, so i think thats why it has taken time for him to write me back, im guessing he didnt receive my letter til last week.
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

My boyfriend left june 15th and grad august 6th. I got his first let a week after he was there and i continue to get at least one every wednesday like clockwork. Except for july 4th week it came on thursday cuz of the postal service. i hadnt got a phone call yet, but he surprised me yesterday with one even though it was only 6 min. His whole ship got an hour phone call on holiday but because he had to guard the ship he didnt have an hour phone call. it just depends on his ship and his rdc on how often they can write and or call.

Holidays can mess with their mail, my bf grad 1 month ago, and there were weeks where he was allowed less time than others to write, also depends on their div. and RDC... hope you ladies don't think it's because they don't want to write to you (i thought that) but if anything boot camp can make their my feelings even stronger..

Yeah, Slade left the 22nd of June and I didn't get one until July 8. Still haven't got one this week:( It's just wierd, you never ever know when to expect one.