No Letter This Week:(

So, I've been excited this entireee week to finally get another letter from Slade, and it didn't come:( It sucks that he didn't write me. He got a short phone call to his mom, and he told her he'd been really sick with pnemonia and an ear infection, not to mention dry socket from getting his teeth pulled! Could that be the reason he didn't write to me this week? He didn't write his mom either, I don't know i'm just a little dissapointed I guess. This Navy thing is new to me, On the brightside he graduates August 13th and i'll be there! By the way, what do you wear to graduation? Casual, dressy, in between?
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Oh my goodness, i'm so excited! haha thanks guyss, that makes me feel better! :)

it his hard when u go a week without a letter, but it prob is cause he's resting or not allowed to write like dkz said..if they gets seriously ill, they notify the family so you would have bf's grad was june, and i wore sundress & heels BUT def keep flip-flops in your purse as back-up if you want to rock high heels...lots of standing, walking and if ur a goofball like me & my friend were, hard to run down bleachers in heels when liberty is called and you get to go to floor and find your sailor :)

Most people do get sick during BC. So don't stress to much about that. My bf was sick most of the time. He may not have written you b/c of something the division did. Sometimes that is a punishment. I SUCKS...but the RDCs do come down on them hard sometimes. Just continue writing him. :)<br />
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It was in winter time when my bf had his PIR. I wore a sweater dress. Wear a cute sundress or something like that. Don't show too much skin. They kinda get picked on when there gfs show up in barely there clothing. lol. I hope this helps!