The Times Apart

So my sailor has been underway for about 10 days or so. Emails that come few and far between are so nice but they don't hit the spot. Today his ship malfunctioned and happened to be ported long enough for me to get a call. Two actually. I never know how much I actually miss him until I hear from him. It's so sad hearing that he's worn out and food sucks. I really wish I could be there to help ya know? I held it together for the first call and didn't cry at all Gil the end of the second call when an I miss you happened to be said. My question to all of you guys is do you fin it this hard? Does it happened to hit you in spirtz like me or all at once? Know anything that makes it easier?
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4 Responses Jul 17, 2010

I have yet to miss a call when he's out. I know in gonna hate myself when I miss one. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever be out of the navy or have a normal life. That's pretty negative but it's a common thought

yes i do. specially before when he would text me and i was at work or school it really tore my heart but i know that he understands and is not meant on purpose. however the thing that will kill u is when u miss the calls. just remember that ur sailor will know ur not doing it on purpose.. unless u guys are mad then he might lol... but yeah try not to feel to bad otherwise u wont enjoy the voicemail text or email that would make ur day. :)

My other question that I forgot was do you ever feel guilty when you miss an email, call or text? I always find myself feeling really guilty for it!<br />
Thank you so much for the up front information. I love knowing that someone isn't gonna cushion it

hey girly. unfortunately no. it does not get easier... sorry.. when i talk to my sailor. even in webcam where i can see him my eyes get watery and its hard to let him go. but everytime the i miss u's rip my soul in two i always make a joke afterwards. me and my sailor have a lot of cute inside jokes that makes us laugh as well as reminds us our time together and how much we love each other, hope it helps meanwhile stay strong and encourage ur sailor. u are human hun so dont feel bad for having feelings like the rest of us :)