What Now?

My boyfriend was waiting to leave for bootcamp for over a year and it seemed like the day would never come; almost like it was just some silly dream. Well the day came and it was the most rewarding and most tragic day of my life! He's only been gone for 4 days and it is already insanly hard! Everyone I had talked to said he would get a 5 minute phone call after he arrived to tell us he was safe. He called but my 5 minute phone call quickly turned into a 47 second phone call! I was a mess and his mom has not been helping. After living with someone for over a year you don't know what to do when they are not there when you come home! I have not slept very much. I have written him a letter everyday and I plan to continue with that but I do not havr his address! Does he just have to send me one first or is there a way for me to find out? Do things get better after bootcamp? What exactly happens?? I have heard so many different things I am just so blown away and do not know what to do without my best friend!
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i Know exactly how you are feeling. I have lived with my bf of over 3 years for about a year now and i understand exactly how hard it is. he will send home whats called a form letter and it will have his address on it, so you can send all those letters. it will come after the box of his personal things comes home. I believe it took about 2 weeks to get the address and about 3 for me to get a letter from him. bootcamp sucks mostly just for us girls. they get through it pretty easily. my bf also called home and to me about 4 times throughout bootcamp, but you have no way of knowing when it will happen or if it will. but after bootcamp they can call all the time. my bf is in electronics school in great lakes and we talk on the phone at least once a day. and once he gets a laptop we will be able to skype and stuff.. its hard but i promise you can get through this. hope this helps a little !

keep your self busy and it will get easier i promise. letterwise..you should get his box full of the stuff he took there about a week after he left. then a couple days after that you will get the letter with his graduation date, the list for graduation, and his address that you can start sending him letters to! they can only write every now and then through out the weeek and only send out letters on sundays. you should go to www.recruittrainingcommand.com and read stuff for the family its helps alot. hang in there girl :)