Just A Couple Of Questions..

OK, so like I mentioned before, I have written quite a few letters (I believe the total is 9 now lol) and I still haven't gotten a letter from him or his address..I was wondering if I should try to send them all in one envelope or a few here and a few there? When I get his address of course.

And also, a friend of mine's boyfriend is in the army and she says there's a facebook page that keeps you updated about the soldiers and even posts up pictures..Is there one on those for the navy?? Or anything of that sort? Just wondering. :)
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I sent 3 letters per envelope for the first few days. I didn't think about numbering the outside but oh well. It didn't really matter.. <br />
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About the Army having cell phones, I've heard that too. My friend's boyfriend left at about the same time as my boyfriend for Army basic and he got to keep his cell phone. He called her for the first week which is like P-week.

Just be sure to number your letters so he will know which ones to read first. lol. I had about 10 letters that I sent my bf and I put them in 3 envelopes...I numbered the envelopes on the back so he would know what order to read them.lol. He said that it helped a lot. <br />
I do know that some of the Army recruits are able to get on facebook and can even keep their cell phones...that is probably how they have updated stuff about them on facebook.

Hey. (: I sent all 13 letters in 1 envelope but made sure it had two stamps. The only restriction is weight. One stamp will ship one oz. And two stamps for 2. So if you want to put all of them in one envelope go for it. Just make sure you weigh it. They LOVE getting pictures to. I made sure I sent quite a bit of those lol. Oh!! And there's a page on facebook you can become a fan of. Search U.S. Navy Recruit Training Command. That's the page for where boot camp takes place and they post pictures of each weeks graduates and special ceremonies and stuff that they have. It may not be as specific as what you're looking for but it gives you an idea of what to expect if you're able to make it to his graduation. Keep writing, it's really the thing that helps the most. His letter will come after about 3 weeks and his address will come in about 1 or 2 to his parents with his address on it. (:

Hi Brittany, there is a thickness/ weight restriction on envelopes you send, so I would keep it to 2 per envelope, and you can number or date them, he will not be allowed to recieve mail for the first 2 weeks, the form letter should get to his parents bout 1-2 weeks after his arrival at boot, you can get his address from them. You probably won't get a letter from him for 3 weeks or so, the RDC's like to cut off communication at first :( all part of the master plan to toughen them up to sailors, I guess...there are lots of facebook sites for Navy girlfriends, you can add me as friend-Kelley Morin, and I'll share what I have with you, but because of OSPEC regs, you won't get specific info about deployments and missions. hope this helps, hang in there, the first few weeks are the worst.