Hey Girls, I Need A Little Help

Hey everyone,
My boyfriend is still in bootcamp and he is set to graduate on July 30. He is in the Great Lakes location in Illinois and he wanted me to find out if any of you girls on here have any boyfriends/husbands/fiances in his division. He is in Division 260. After bootcamp he goes to A School in the Great Lakes location for 14 weeks - he is going to be a corpsman. He wanted me to find out if i knew any of his friends girlfriends through this site because he wants to know if everyone could hang out as a group when we got there for vacation. I also just think that it would be really nice to have some support from someone who's significant other is in there with my boyfriend, and it would be nice to give some support too.
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adavis, i think im just wearing a short sleeve black babydoll dress with nice sandals. dressy and casual at the same time. also, it would be really cool if our boyfriends knew each other and we met up while we were out there. did you decide if you are going to stay the rest of the weekend?

my boyfriend graduates friday too! he's in division 817..but im sure they've crossed eachothers paths at somepoint! what are you wearing to the graduation? im wondering if im gonna be dressed too nice

HM-Corpsman a-school is alot easier but there schooling is really hard so all they really do is study and have watch but you get tot talk to them everyday.

I know how you feel but you just have to think positively. Trust me if everyone were negative all the time, there wouldn't be this site or Navy girlfriends. You only have 9 days left! So exciting and I've heard A- school is a lot easier than boot camp :)

Okay girl you sure can if you have facebook message me and ill add you so you can talk to me on there.

thanks justinsgirl16, i'm definitely going to have to take you up on that, i have sooo many questions.<br />
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brittanylove: im not sure, i'm actually driving out there with my boyfriends parents and they are paying for the hotel rooms so im really not sure about expenses. im sorry.<br />
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jojo94: i'll let you know what its like. on one hand im really excited but on the other im sad because its like i waited all this time to see him, no im going to see him and then hes going to be snatched away from me again :(

My boyfriend graduates August 27th. I still have a bunch of time to wait til Cameron's graduation. I hope you have fun there, though :))

My boyfriend's in Div. 291 :<br />
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But he's at bootcamp in Great Lakes too! I wanted to know if anyone had went to their man's graduation and how much they ended up spending?? I do want to go, but I wanna know how much everything will come out to?...

My boyfriend is a corpsman he graduates a-school in September and there a-school is 14 weeks if you have any questions you can ask me