So Much To Get Done

Jake doesn't even leave till november 2, but while he's gone so much is going to happen
thanksgiving Christmas newyears and. Just so many other things. I feel like I have to pre celebrate it
all with him. So In 2 weeks I'm taking him to Jamaica! That's going to be our last vacation for a long time
I wanted to make it special. Were also planing his going away party. October might have snow so were doing it early
he said sometime next month. But I guess everything has to be done soon. Sometimes I wish that they sent Jake
to basic the day he past his test. I hate waiting. But I am glad i got to have one more summer with him
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Oh i have no doubt in my mind we will be together. Hollidays are just a few days out of the year :)

Yes, he might be missing holidays this year but believe in your relationship and he might just be around for the holidays next year :)